Official rules of

  • Official rules of

    In this thread you will find a compilation of the rules, from the teampeak as well as from the forum, from

    The rules are intended to help you to look up in case of ambiguity and to allow fair and above all stress-free playing.

    If you find any errors, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

    §1 Naming

    • §1.1 Only the nickname can be used as Teampeak name. If desired, the nickname can be supplemented by the reallife name.
    • §1.2 Nicknames may not contain offenders, racist, pornographic names.
    • §1.3 The constant change of the name is not allowed!

    §2 Dealing with the community

    • §2.1 Always remain respectful to other community members and team members.
    • §2.2 The offense, the screaming, the taking of teampeaks, the whipping, the [...] is forbidden!
    • §2.3 Spam must be omitted no matter in which form. (Private messages, channel hopping [see §3.2], Poke etc.)

    §3 Channel

    • §3.1 Channel hopping is prohibited.
    • §3.2 Do not enter a channel where there are already people. This refers to the duo and squad channel.

    §4 Files and media

    • §4.1 Avatars may not contain pornographic, racist, insulting or other content that violates German law.
    • §4.2 It is not permitted to upload pornographic, racist or legally protected material and / or exchange with other users.

    §5 Recording sound

    • §5.1 It is forbidden to intercept conversations on the entire Teampeak.

    §6 Advertising

    • §6.1 Any type of advertising is prohibited on this server, but advertising by audio tracks or avatars is strictly forbidden.

    §7 Hacker attacks

    • §7.1 Any attack against this server is punishable and may be prosecuted.

    §8 Proxies and IP Changer

    • §8.1 The use of Proxys and IP changing programs on our server is no matter in which way is not allowed.

    §9 Forms of treatment, racism and protection of minors

    • §9.1 Expressions of violence, verbal attacks and similar comments, posts, threads or any other means which may serve to personally attack, hurt, or serve, are strictly forbidden!
    • §9.2 No one is attacked, discriminated, bullied, offended because of his nationality, ethnicity, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, spelling etc. We are a colorful community, and instead of getting ready, we should help each other. Racism and anti-religiousism are absolutely forbidden.
    • §9.3 Any political side (whether right or left) or religion, which is transmitted directly from the reallife, or even leaned against it, must neither be attacked nor glorified. This does not make jokes, because it is a very critical topic and can often hurt.
    • §9.4 Each user can form his own opinion here and explain it constructively.
    • §9.5 No one has the right to misjudge or void this opinion. A constrictive answer is, of course, allowed.
    • §9.6 Any distribution of right-wing or left-wing extremist, pornographic, brutal, particularly abusive or other youth-endangering material, e.g. In form links, videos (including so-called shock videos), pictures, addresses, etc. are forbidden.

    §10 Advertising, referrer links and warez

    • §10.1 It is absolutely forbidden to use illegal downloads (so-called warez, which includes any copyright-protected medium such as games, music, programs, cracked shareware, licenses for programs, serial keys, cracks, fixed images, etc.) To ask them to ask, to ask for help, to offer help, or to help.
    • §10.2 So-called referrer links (click collection links) of any kind are forbidden.
    • §10.3 Any advertising is prohibited, this applies to Teamspeak servers, Gameserver, Homepages, Clanpages or any other third party services

    §11 Spam

    • §11.1 The posting of meaningless posts without a benefit is forbidden. Likewise, "Smiley Posts" are forbidden
    • §11.2 Using extremely large fonts and exaggerated many smileys is forbidden

    §12 Inactive users in the forum

    • §12.1 Inactive users, which in the eyes of the administration show an unacceptable, provocative or inappropriate behavior in the forum, are blocked for at least two months in the forum.

    §13 Data protection

    • §13.1 Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords and similar information may not be exchanged publicly.
    • §13.2 A team member of pubg-community will never ask for sensitive data, such as user passwords.

    §14 Music bots and soundboards

    • §14.1 It is forbidden to play your own music, or to transmit other undesirable sounds.

    §15 Plugins

    • §15.1 Any plugins are not allowed on the Teamspeak.

    §16 Duty to inform

    • §16.1 All users are required to regularly inspect the Official Rules.

    To ensure full fun, we ask you to read through the official rules.

    With the command "!accept" you accept the Official Rules in the Teamspeak and you are responsible for keeping up to date.

    As it is so beautiful: ignorance does not protect against punishment!